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Adam Stevenson is a journalist and copywriter, and has written for a mix of several publications and agencies back in England. Since moving to Amsterdam he now works as an editor within television. Always keen to learn new things, Adam took an interest in cyber security and now spends most evenings researching and blogging about VPNs. In his spare time you’ll find him in a Dutch pub within the winding streets of Amsterdam, or at home playing his guitar.

How VPNs Protect Users Against Malicious Web Trolls

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The Internet has become such an integral part of our lives that, in many countries, connection to it is a human right. The reason behind this is the people’s right to freedom of expression and opinion. Websites like Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram are all great outlets to achieve this. But not everyone respects their fellow users. Some people use it as a means to – either as an individual or a group – cause people a lot of distress. While it can be mild and meaningless, it can also be very targeted and severe, ruining people’s lives.

But you don’t have to be the target to become a victim of trolling. Some organized groups go for large companies, which leads to popular services like Xbox Live, Spotify and Twitter becoming inaccessible. Even the NHS, and other important organizations, have had their systems shut down at the hands of malicious web activity. The fact that these major companies, with such solid security infrastructures, can be exposed, just goes to show the capability of today’s hackers and web trolls.

how VPNs protect you against cyber bullies

What is Geo-spoofing And What Are Its Benefits?

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Have you heard of Geo-spoofing? Everyone with a VPN does it. By using your ISP connection, a VPN provider will grant access to connect privately to its servers. This in turn ‘spoofs’ the ISP, making it think you’re somewhere else in the world – wherever your designated server is located. This is highly useful for VPN users.

People from all over the world use their mobile devices, consoles, and computers to keep up-to-date with their favorite shows or important domestic news, for example. But that’s only scratching the surface, the benefits of Geo-spoofing certainly don’t end there. And as for VPN benefits on the whole, they don’t stop there either.

what is Geo-spoofing

Best Cheap VPN Services in 2018

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With so many VPN services out there, it’s hard to choose one that’s right for you. Not just in terms of quality, performance and reliability, but in terms of price too. There is an abundance of free VPNs out there – all operating under the guise that they have your best interests as their priority. This isn’t true. In fact, they’re just there to farm your data and sell it along to some grubby third parties. You can learn more about free VPNs here.

best cheap VPN services

The Countries with the Strictest VPN Laws and How to Get Around Them

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Whether or not using a VPN is illegal for you depends entirely on where you’re based. For instance, someone living in the US has a completely different experience with VPNs to someone living in North Korea. The reasons countries ban or restrict them differ based on the state and its motives, but it’s likely attributed to several things. Preventing resistance against the regime and monitoring citizens are online priorities for oppressive countries such as Belarus or Iran.

Most parts of the world don’t ban them, although they might like to. Much of what people use VPNs for is legitimate – they allow businesses to offer a secure, uninterrupted connection to their private network. Families and friends can make private VoIP calls without the worry of their privacy being breached.

countries with strictest VPN rules and how to bypass them

How to Unblock Spotify, SoundCloud and Other Music Providers

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The behavior of the discerning music listener is pretty unpredictable and has changed a lot alongside technology improvements over the years. We’ve gone from vinyl to tape; to CD; and back to Vinyl again. Will the tape make a glorious comeback? Probably not. But one thing that’s proven endlessly popular over recent years is the use of online streaming services, both for viewing and listening entertainment.

Paid subscription services like Spotify and Apple Music are an excellent way to stream and download all types of music – new and old – without having to purchase the individual works of each artist. Websites like SoundCloud, MixCloud and YouTube are all equally as useful when it comes to sharing and digesting music, as well as listening to amateur and professional releases.

unblocked music - Spotify, SoundVloud and others unblocked with VPN

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