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Bruce MacDonald is full-time writer and part-time geek. He has over 22 years of technical writing experience in software and telecommunications and everything in between. He has published novels in his native Canada and been very well reviewed in major daily newspapers and literary imprints. At present he can be found on his farm in the Talamanca mountains of Costa Rica, where he plies his word trade in multiple markets simultaneously.

Tox Chat – The New “Bad Boy” in the Private Messaging World

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Tox Chat logo

Tox Chat is an open source application that features end-to-end encryption and relies on a P2P network in order to transmit messages. It serves users on a wide variety of platforms, including Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows and Linux. It is important to note that Tox, the platform on which Tox Chat is built, is not a single closed or defined application.

Netflix Shows to Watch this August and the VPNs to Do That

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Netflix logo: Netflix shows to watch in August

Netflix has a multitude of awesome movies to stream. However, if you’re among the viewers in search of a commitment lasting more than two hours, the streaming service has numerous captivating TV shows to occupy you for the summer. If you’re just done watching a great series and you’re feeling somewhat empty, Netflix is the place you need to visit, given the streaming service’s selection of excellent original, current and classic shows.

Poker Unblocked: Reasons for Using a VPN When Playing Poker Online

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Poker unblocked - best VPN for playing poker online

You’re an avid poker player who likes playing poker on PokerStars and similar online poker cardrooms that are, unfortunately, banned in your country or region. Good news, though. There’s a solution, and that is using a VPN.

You’re not alone. Even in the US, poker lovers are unable to access some poker websites, so the players turn to VPNs to get around the restrictions.

Top 5 VPNs Used by Businesses in 2018

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Best VPN for business

The online market continues to grow and become increasingly important for businesses that want to create leads, manage their social media presence, and empower their employees with rapid data transfers and competitor intelligence. However, not every online business can afford a team of data security experts or a powerful network security system to fend off the much too common online threats that lurk on the Internet.

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