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Top 5 VPNs Used by Businesses in 2018

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The online market continues to grow and become increasingly important for businesses that want to create leads, manage their social media presence, and empower their employees with rapid data transfers and competitor intelligence. However, not every online business can afford a team of data security experts or a powerful network security system to fend off the much too common online threats that lurk on the Internet.

This is why a business VPN is invaluable—it protects businesses against these threats to a large extent. A VPN secures a business’ data by encrypting and tunneling it through an intermediary VPN server, which makes it virtually impossible for anyone online to see the data. Be it a small business or a large corporation, VPNs protect the enterprise from Cybercrime while at the same time providing a way for employees to share data.

Best VPN for business

What is the Great Firewall of China and How Can I Bypass It?

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China’s online population is about 751 million, and its online activity is highly restricted. Some of the numerous sites to which access is restricted include Facebook, Google, the New York Times, and YouTube. The Tiananmen Square student protests of 1989 received minimal coverage. For a while, even Winnie the Pooh was banned.

To maintain control of such a massive universe of online content, China uses the world’s largest censorship system, fittingly referred to as the Great Firewall of China. It’s a collaboration between state monitors and China’s telecommunication companies, which are forced to implement rules set by the Chinese government.

The effects of the system are felt far beyond China, which appears to have paved the way for other oppressive governments to follow suit.

The Great Firewall of China & How Ways To Bypass It

Best VPN Services to Watch Netflix from Anywhere in the World

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Netflix is among the most globally visited websites, but enjoying its full potential is hard because its Geo-blocks are among the strongest. However, using any one of the best VPNs for Netflix that I list here will unlock all its features for you.

Many people are surprised to discover that even though Netflix users across the globe pay about the same fee for service, what they're offered on the website varies wildly. The country from which you access Netflix determines the type of service you receive, so users from some countries (such as the US) are offered far more content than users from other countries.

For this reason, you’ll find VPNs useful, because they allow you to use a different server to access the Internet and enable you to mask your location and hide your identity from prying eyes. Using the best VPN is crucial for accessing the full potential of Netflix from anywhere in the world.

Best VPN Services To Watch Netflix from Anywhere in The World