Author: Max Ostryzhko

Max is a 29-year-old writer, hosting expert and programmer from Eastern Ukraine. His passions are varied and as well as a love for coding and fine art.

How to Setup a VPN on an iOS Phone

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Your smartphone is not secure and the sooner you acknowledge this, the better. To ensure the safety of the sensitive data stored in your phone, including accounts, passwords, and credit card information, you need to install a Virtual Private Network. As long as your phone is connected on the internet, you will be a potential target for data and identity theft. Unless you do something about it.

Here’s How to Troubleshoot Annoying VPN Errors

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As more people realize the importance of using a VPN for their everyday Internet activities, the technology is becoming increasingly mainstream. Following the termination of net neutrality in the US and revelations that Cambridge Analytica secretly used Facebook users’ data to manipulate, among other things, the US election, a growing number of people turned to VPNs.

The Best VPNs for Linux

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Linux is a good operating system for users who are mindful of privacy because it’s a transparent, open-source platform. In fact, some distros are specifically built with privacy-conscious users in mind. However, there’s an additional step you can take to further improve privacy and security when accessing the Internet using Linux, and that is setting up a VPN. Besides privacy and security, a VPN also helps you get around censorship and unblock Geo-restricted content.

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