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Netflix Hidden Categories: A Little Known Secret You Can Access Using a VPN

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Netflix hidden categories

Netflix is among the largest streaming services globally. According to some estimates, the bandwidth used by its videos is as much as 37% of all Internet traffic, and that number is growing with time. While most of that bandwidth is spent watching TV shows and movies, a good chunk of it is also used in browsing categories to find the right movie.

Russia Will Penalize For Using and Promoting VPN Services, So Now What?

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Russian police car lurking in the dark at the Kremlin

For many years now, Russia has been one of the countries that censor the free flow of information on the Internet. Virtual Private Networks have been the solution to the problem up until this point. However, more recently, the Russian government started a war on VPN providers by blocking a large portion of them. Nevertheless, there are some good providers left on the market that can bypass even Russia’s governmental restrictions and Internet censorship.

But now, a different problem emerges.

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