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Sara's passion is decoding online privacy and keeping the ever-watchful Big Brother off of everyone's back. She enjoys writing and she is writing from a young age. Sara is our full-time Editor and Proofreader with 3 years of experience in VPN and Encryption.

Internet Safety for Children: 4 Golden Rules for Child Safety Online

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With over 4 billion users around the world, needless to say, the Internet has found its place in our everyday lives over the past two decades.

Statistics show that on average, Millennials and Generation Z spend around 4 hours per day on the Internet. Keep in mind that this includes teenagers as well, or even younger children. An even more worrying fact is that some studies show that 85 percent of mothers use technology to keep their children busy. And while the Internet can be informative, fun, and very useful, it’s also a place that can be inappropriate or even severely dangerous for the children.

Internet Safety for Children: 4 Golden Rules for Child Safety Online

Is Africa Looking to Cripple Freedom of Speech?

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With such large technological development, freedom of speech has taken a different turn over the years. Now, it’s more effective online than it ever was offline. This digital freedom is highly essential and should be protected by any means. However, many governments in the world obviously disagree. Censored content, and ridiculous rules regarding the Internet can be found all over the world.

As a matter of fact, while the developed countries are reaching new technological goals with each passing day, some still lack even the most basic digital things, such as regular access to the Internet.

African protesters in wake of crippling laws

Watching Ziggo GO Abroad in 2018 – How Can it Be Done?

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Our apologies. Unfortunately, the video cannot be played at this time”.

“Unfortunately, this channel has blocked the video via Ziggo Go for copyright reasons”.

Is your Ziggo GO account showing one of these error messages when you try to watch your favorite TV shows or movies? If the answer is yes, I assume that you are traveling abroad, probably outside the EU.

How to watch Ziggo GO from outside The Netherlands

Are VPN services legal? What Makes Them Illegal in Some Countries?

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Virtual Private Networks have found a use in our everyday lives. Protecting our privacy and personal information while using a device connected to the Internet is just one of the benefits. As a matter of fact, most of the users worldwide use VPNs primarily for accessing better entertainment content. The second most important reason is to be anonymous while browsing. Additionally, a smaller portion of people uses a Virtual Private Network to access restricted torrenting websites.

However, although the reasons might seem pretty basic and harmless, some countries have regulated the VPN use. Others have taken a more drastic measure of completely banning VPN provider services on their territories.

is VPN legal and why some countries block it?

What Information Can Your Internet Service Provider Find Out Through Your Traffic and How to Protect Yourself?

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We browse the Internet every day. We buy and we sell, we share important documents and information about ourselves and others. Every password we ever typed, every file we have sent, every transaction that was made, it’s all there. And did you know that, besides you, someone else has access to all of this information?

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is the company that allows you to connect to the Internet, for a certain amount of money. It’s a necessity, but do you know how much risk you are putting yourself in every day?

what information your ISP collects on you

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