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Stefanija is a 22 years old blogger with a passion for learning new things every day. Her goal in life is to keep up to date with the latest technological (and footwear) trends, and she wants to explore and write about things that can make everyone's lives better. Her affair with Virtual Private Networks took up a notch when she realized she couldn't watch her favorite show "Black Mirror" anymore since its move to Netflix in 2016, so she went on blogging about the countless VPN services out there.

What Is A VPN Passthrough?

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What Is A VPN Passthrough?

The definition of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) passthrough is simple. It’s a feature that allows the devices connected to your router to set up a VPN connection.

However, to understand better what a VPN passthrough is, you need to know a few basic things first. For example, if you are already a user of a VPN, you know by now that they can use different protocols.

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