Author: Stefanija Kukunovska

Stefanija is a 22 years old blogger with a passion for learning new things every day. Her goal in life is to keep up to date with the latest technological (and footwear) trends, and she wants to explore and write about things that can make everyone's lives better. Her affair with Virtual Private Networks took up a notch when she realized she couldn't watch her favorite show "Black Mirror" anymore since its move to Netflix in 2016, so she went on blogging about the countless VPN services out there.

Best VPNs for Chromecast

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If you already have Chromecast, or maybe you are thinking of purchasing one, but want to stay protected while using it, keep reading this article.

No matter which device you are using or where you are using it, as long as it’s connected to the Internet you are exposed to a lot of potential threats.

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