Updated March 5, 2019

Anyone, anywhere in the world should have concerns about internet safety and residents of Hong Kong are no exception. Whether you are a permanent resident or you have gone on vacation to Hong Kong, you can benefit from using a virtual private network (VPN).

Unlock Streaming Services Such As Netflix With A VPN

While Hong Kong is not a particularly restrictive country, residents do miss out being able to access the same programs on streaming platforms such as Netflix that residents of the U.S.A have access to.

A VPN not only provides additional layers of safety and security when browsing the internet in Hong Kong. The service also allows users to overcome restrictions and blocks. While Netflix is accessible in Hong Kong, residents can only view 8% of the catalog of programs that residents of the United States can view.

With a VPN anyone living or visiting Hong Kong can hide their true IP address and choose a virtual one from a server elsewhere in the world. This leads sites you access to think you live in another part of the world. If you want to access the U.S content of Netflix, choose a server based in the United States and it will look like all of your internet activity is coming from there.

A VPN doesn’t just free up streaming services from Netflix but helps you to gain access to content on Hulu, BBC iPlayer and any other services that are geo-restricted.

A VPN Helps You Maintain Privacy

You might have no interest is accessing content outside of Hong Kong but just want to maintain privacy from government monitoring and avoid hackers.

Privacy became a huge concern for Hong Kong residents in July 2018 when it was revealed that over half a million people may have had data stolen following cyber attacks.

A report revealed that a database of Hong Kong Broadband Network had been hacked which held information on more than 380,000 customers. Along with this, cyber attacks had taken place on travel agencies holding personal information of more than 220,000 clients. Information stolen included customer’s credit card details, names, addresses, and ID card numbers.

This revelation prompted the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data in Hong Kong to review data protection laws.

Of course, it is not just businesses that are at risk of being hacked, anyone who uses the internet, whether on a computer, smartphone or tablet, is at risk. Most users can't afford private servers and security experts, but they don't have to if they go with the right VPN provider.

Which Are The Best VPNs For Hong Kong?

The best VPN to use in Hong Kong to some extent will depend on what you want out of the provider. For instance, if your main use is to provide security and keep your personal details safe, you wouldn't need to appear as though you are living outside of Hong Kong.

In this instance, you might benefit from a VPN provider located in Hong Kong or who offers servers based in Hong Kong. By choosing a server in the country you are based in, the download and upload speed will not drop as much as they might if you choose a server halfway around the world.

However, if you want to use a VPN to access content from a certain country, you would have to make sure that providers offer servers in that country and then connect to that server when using the VPN.

We have picked the top three VPN providers for you if you live in Hong Kong. All of the providers offer online security on computers, Android and iOS devices by way of apps that are easy to install and use.

Pure VPN

We have chosen Pure VPN as the provider is Hong Kong-based so the download and upload speeds should be fast when choosing one of the 24 servers based in Hong Kong. The provider also offers a range of servers worldwide in case you want to overcome geo-restrictions and watch content that would otherwise be inaccessible in Hong Kong.

Pure VPN offers some great security measures including 256-bit military grade encryption and a Kill Switch to stop sending data in the event the VPN connection drops. If this happens there is a chance of users being exposed over their regular connection.

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ExpressVPN also offers servers based in Hong Kong along with more than 1,500 servers worldwide. This would be a suitable VPN provider for those living in Hong Kong who want to overcome the restrictions on Netflix or any other streaming services.

ExpressVPN is also good for security because it does not log internet activities, offers 256-bit AES-CBC protocol, along with perfect forward secrecy, and a Kill Switch.

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VyprVPN has a claim to fame in that it can bypass the Great Firefall of China. Any VPN that can do this, is one to be taken into account for protection against hackers and geo-restrictions.

VyprVPN has some of the best encryption tools, along with a range of 700+ servers worldwide with servers also located in Hong Kong. The company also owns and manages their data centers so you can be sure they are in total control of the servers.

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In Conclusion

Whether you are looking for a VPN to use in Hong Kong to remain secure when browsing the internet or so that you can bypass geo-restrictions and stream content you want to watch, any of the above VPN providers can help!