Best VPN services to live stream the UEFA Champions League from anywhere in the world

What to look for in a VPN for The Champions League

Servers and locations: Put simply: the more servers in your chosen location the better. The premium services available will always offer an extensive number of servers, and most of them will be based in popular locations like the US and the UK. The benefit here is that it reduces the traffic flowing through these servers, which gives greater performance and reliability.

No Restrictions: If you intend to use your VPN for streaming things like live sport, then choose one that doesn’t come with any restrictions on usage. A provider worth its salt will allow you to stream and download without limitation across any server-point, so there’s no need to settle for less. Streaming live uses a lot of data and no one wants to miss a moment of a match.

Security: Whether the sites you stream sports from are legitimate or not, it’s best to use a VPN to stay protected. If you’re using services like Sky Go, you might be at risk of losing your login details. And if you watch your sports through illegal streams you’re going to want to stop anyone from tracking it. Depending on where you’re based, the punishment can range from mild to severe.

If you plan on downloading a VPN for keeping up with the UEFA Champions League, then you’ll find a few of the best providers for it below.

The Best VPNs for Live Streaming the UEFA Champions League From Anywhere in the World


ExpressVPN is likely the best service around at the minute, and not just for streaming. It has an impressive 2000+ servers across 148 locations, a large number of which are based across Europe and optimized for streaming live sports. It comes with unlimited bandwidth, zero throttling and has zero restrictions on usage.

As for security, it comes with 256-bit AES encryption, DNS/IPV6 leak protection, as well as handy features like split tunneling and an automatic kill switch. And if you’re unsatisfied with the service, all plans are refundable within 30 days.

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NordVPN’s number of servers keeps growing, and is now pushing a massive 5000-plus, with over 2000 of them optimized for streaming and based in Europe. The simple-to-use interface means instant access for all competencies, and owing to its SmartPlay technology, users enjoy secure streaming without experiencing any buffering, throttling or connection issues.

It has a military-grade encryption to ensure all your traffic is secure, and the integrated Cybersec technology blocks any shady websites and annoying adware.

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Ivacy VPN

Ivacy VPN isn’t as loaded as the others listed—it has just 450 servers in comparison—but it’s optimized for unlimited streaming and is a steady-yet-cheaper alternative. It operates on a strict no-log policy, split-tunneling for extra flexibility and five simultaneous logins.

Users are protected with a 256-bit AES encryption, secure DNS and added public Wi-Fi support; which is perfect if you’re using public Wi-Fi to stream any matches. For enhanced customization, users can cover their browsing needs across multiple protocols.

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Who Needs a VPN to Watch The UEFA Champions League Anyway?

The UEFA Champions League is undisputedly the greatest sporting tournament in the world. Since its 1955 inception—and re-modelling in ’92—top-flight clubs from all major European football leagues have competed to claim the title. Real Madrid is the most successful club with 13 victories – and they’re currently on a three-win streak. With the group stages finally underway, every club—especially Liverpool—will be looking to take the cup home.

Though it’s the most streamed sporting event worldwide, not everyone has the means to watch Champions League matches. Some countries don’t provide the on-demand and subscription services needed, and other more oppressive countries refuse to offer them. But if you’re based in one of these locations, or you’re a keen footy fan just passing through, a VPN will ensure you don’t miss a game.

A VPN (virtual private network) allows users to access the web safely by directing traffic through a private server. Organizations can share their data across locations and their mobile employees can operate without exposing confidential data. For typical users like you and I, we get the added benefit of keeping our online activity to ourselves, as well as, through geo-spoofing, the chance to access content that would otherwise be restricted. When connecting to a server located outside your country, this fools your browser into thinking you’re located in that chosen region, opening you up to all the exclusive sports, news, games and movies you’re missing.

While most VPNs will offer geo-spoofing, not all of them are good for it, especially when it comes watching live sport. Most free VPNs are just trying to farm your data for profit, and they never come with any real level of encryption. The idea that they work in your favor without charging for their service is too good to be true.