Updated June 30th, 2019

UFC 239 is fast approaching. Some of us were worried and all of us were hopeful, but thankfully, Jon “Bones” Jones (24-1-0) has been given the green light by the Nevada Athletic Commission – and without objection. That means we can all continue counting down the moments until he goes toe-to-toe with Thiago “Marreta” Santos (21-6-0) this Saturday in Vegas, putting his light-heavyweight title on the line.

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Both fighters, coming off the back of decent wins, will be looking to clinch the contest. The Brazilian will be keen to topple his rival and add to his own win streak, in what would be Jones’ first professional loss in more than 20 fights. Jones no doubt wants to keep that record unblemished – bar another notch, of course.

The odds are on Jones, but it’ll be an exciting fight for sure. Santos’ heavy-hitting power and aggression could end up being too much for him. But the lightweight champion spoke out recently to dismiss Santos’ ‘kill or be killed’ style in the octagon and intends to outclass the Brazilian with his methodical fighting style. Either way, Luke Rockhold has ‘claimed’ the winner, once again teasing a light heavyweight debut.

Jones first broke anti-doping rules back in 2016 and underwent dozens of drug tests for his last fight at 235, where he was granted a conditional one-fight license. According to reports, his cooperation with officials and professionalism has extended his license till the end of 2019.

Other fights on the UFC 239 card are:

  • (W) Bantamweight Amanda Nunes (17-4-0) v Holly Holm (12-4-0)
  • Welterweight Jorge Masvidal (33-13-0) v Ben Askren (19-0-0)
  • Light Heavyweight Jan Blachowicz (23-8-0) v Luke Rockhold (16-4-0)
  • Welterweight Diego Sanchez (29-11-0) v Michael Chiesa (15-4-0)

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Here’s a list of official streaming sites to watch UFC live:

  • UFC Fight Pass
  • BT Sport (UK)
  • OSN (Middle East)
  • Viaplay (Sweden, Denmark
  • Match TV(Russia)
  • Fox Sports (Australia)
  • FightNetwork (Canada)

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UFC: A growing phenomenon

The world of popularized, organized combat sport has come a long way since Boxing’s Olympic debut in Ancient Greece. Boxing, for some, amounts to nothing more than a couple of brutes throwing slogs at each other. For others, it’s a career choice; a shared passion between friends and family members; a chance to improve oneself with discipline and to not deviate from the straight and narrow. Across multiple championships and throughout generations, some of the world’s most prestigious, most-revered athletes have proven themselves in the sport.

But as interest grew, so did the need for other disciplines to take to the professional stage. Federations sprouted to nationally and internationally regulate other combat sports like Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Kickboxing and Karate. And naturally, the all-encompassing sport of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) followed. Though there are many other MMA leagues out there, the most popular and well-known championship continues to be the UFC. Since its establishment in 1993, the franchise has gone on to eclipse most other leagues out there in terms of popularity. What began as what many perceived to be a one-off event has bloomed into a franchise comprised of the world’s greatest athletes, a massive international fanbase and millions of dollars in funding and revenue.

The UFC was born for many reasons, but ultimately, it was designed to identify the most effective martial-art discipline in bouts with very few rules and no defining weights and classes. It’s in these match-ups that fighters began adopting techniques from other disciplines, thus creating the style of mixed martial arts that we know today. Many people involved in combat sports, especially those who established the UFC, believe that technique far outweighs any weight, height or reach disadvantage, which is why the league was originally established the way it was. Without divisions, fighters would face-off with people with serious height and weight advantages, seemingly making the whole thing unfair. The legendary Gracie family, who were the inspiration and co-creators of the UFC, proved otherwise.


  1. Heavyweight – Daniel Cormier
  2. Light Heavyweight Jon Jones
  3. Middleweight – Robert Whittaker
  4. Welterweight – Kamaru Usman
  5. Lightweight – Khabib Nurmagomedov
  6. Men’s Featherweight – Max Holloway
  7. Men’s Bantamweight – Vacant
  8. Men’s Flyweight – Hendry Cejudo
  9. Women’s featherweight – Amanda Nunes
  10. Women’s bantamweight – Amanda Nunes
  11. Women’s Flyweight – Valentina Shevchenko
  12. Women’s Strawweight – Jessica Andrade

Royce Gracie, a master of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and longstanding legend of the UFC, proved in three of the first four UFC matchups to take place that advantages like height and reach don’t dictate the outcome of a fight, much rather their skillset and discipline.

The UFC, while immensely popular, isn’t the only major franchise to garner a large fanbase. Bellator and One Fighting Championship, for example, contain some of the greatest fighters and contentions to not grace the UFC octagon. Bellator is another American MMA promotion which has many ex-UFC fighters, as well as homegrown athletes. One Fighting Championship is Asia’s largest mixed martial arts league, and aims to promote ‘the true beauty of martial arts through the development of global superheroes’.