A Complete Guide to VPN Encryption

Max Ostryzhko Written by: ,

A Complete Guide to VPN Encryption

Updated May 11, 2019

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a privacy and security tool that encrypts all datatransmitted between a device and a VPN server.  

The simplest way of understanding encryption is by thinking of a lock. With the right key, it’ll open. The lock, or encryption, is used to protect the data of your online activity, whether it’s making purchases or using personal log-ins.

Why You Should Consider Getting a VPN Router

Sara Mirchevska Written by: ,

Why You Should Consider Getting a VPN Router

Although using a VPN through apps is the easy alternative to get VPN coverage on your devices, some people prefer using VPN routers to protect every internet connected device in their home.

It will take some time, but with the proper knowledge, you will minimize the effort of setting up router-based VPN, and at the same time maximize the benefits of using one on your router.

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