Why the UK Porn Ban is Bad for Children

Jonathan Walfisz Written by: ,

Why the UK Porn Ban is Bad for Children

In April, the United Kingdom will begin rolling out its latest cyber security measures as part of their promised actions for the Digital Economy Act 2017. What is being dubbed the ‘UK Porn Ban’ is set to take the form of age verification system like AgeID, blocking access to pornographic websites such as PornHub and YouPorn to underage internet users.

Best VPN Services to Unblock Sky Go When Abroad

Summer Hirst Written by: ,

Best VPN Services to Unblock Sky Go When Abroad

Sky’s video on demand service Sky Go, has enabled users to watch their favourite content whenever they want, no matter where they are, for over a decade now. That is of course, as long as users are not abroad, meaning outside the UK border. Sky Go is one of the many popular geo-restricted streaming services, and can only be accessed from other countries with the help of a Virtual Private Network.

Best VPN For The UK in 2018

Adam Stevenson Written by: ,

Best VPN For The UK in 2018

The UK has pretty aggressive legislation that affects everyone’s online privileges. Since the Snoopers’ Charter became law, state surveillance continues to increase at the expense of basic privacy. But by installing a VPN on your devices, you’re able to retain your anonymity.

There are hundreds of VPN providers on the market available to British users, so choosing one isn’t easy. Many aren’t as robust or reliable as they claim to be. Trust is often a hard thing to place, and no provider—other than through testimony—can give you any reason to take their word for it.

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