Our VPN Experts

Adam Stevenson

Adam Stevenson is a journalist and copywriter, and has written for a mix of several publications and agencies back in England. Since moving to Amsterdam he now works as an editor within television. Always keen to learn new things, Adam took an interest in cyber security and now spends most evenings researching and blogging about VPNs. In his spare time you’ll find him in a Dutch pub within the winding streets of Amsterdam, or at home playing his guitar.

Bruce McDonald

Bruce MacDonald is full-time writer and part-time geek. He has over 22 years of technical writing experience in software and telecommunications and everything in between. He has published novels in his native Canada and been very well reviewed in major daily newspapers and literary imprints. At present he can be found on his farm in the Talamanca mountains of Costa Rica, where he plies his word trade in multiple markets simultaneously.

Eliran Ouzan

Web Designer & Hosting Expert

Eliran Ouzan is the Co. Founder and designer of Host Advice and also acts as the CEO Moonshot Marketing LTD, A leading Algorithmic advertising firm and was a member at GreenPeace.

Widely known for his pixel-perfect and high conversion rate web designs, Eliran has always been a designer at heart. Ever since he was a child he's been fiddling with MS paint (it was called paintbrush back then) and has since moved on to more professional media such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, AfterEffects, InDesign and 3DMax. He has mastered most of the software programs in the design category, which allows him to create complex and intricate designs.

Eliran is incredibly passionate about his profession. He spends a lot of his time working, but he loves what he does and he enjoys every minute of it.

Eliran also specalizes in SEO, Unique UI & UX (with an emphasis on maximizing conversion rate) and has managed the design, development and promotion of over a thousand websites in his career.

Whenever Eliran has some free time and isn't struggling with his sporadic gaming addiction, he enjoys long walks on the beach, a glass of pinot noir and an occasional good book.

He also has a very peculiar habit of wearing a cape and pretending to be a super hero, whilst making sound effect noises.

Idan Cohen

Marketing Expert

With over 7 years of experience in online marketing. He is the self-proclaimed master of all things PPC, and has a great passion for analytics and testing. Idan’s goal with HostAdvice is to share his knowledge so that everyone, regardless of who they are or where they are, can benefit. It is through this website that he lives out his dream of teaching the world.

Max Ostryzhko

Senior Web Developer, VPNBase CTO

Max is a 29-year-old writer, hosting expert and programmer from Eastern Ukraine. His passions are varied and as well as a love for coding and fine art.

Roman Frolov

Technical Writter

Sara Mirchevska

Sara's passion is decoding online privacy and keeping the ever-watchful Big Brother off of everyone's back. She enjoys writing and she is writing from a young age. Sara is our full-time Editor and Proofreader with 3 years of experience in VPN and Encryption.

Stefanija Kukunovska

Stefanija is a 22 years old blogger with a passion for learning new things every day. Her goal in life is to keep up to date with the latest technological (and footwear) trends, and she wants to explore and write about things that can make everyone's lives better. Her affair with Virtual Private Networks took up a notch when she realized she couldn't watch her favorite show "Black Mirror" anymore since its move to Netflix in 2016, so she went on blogging about the countless VPN services out there.