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Senior Web Developer, VPNBase CTO
AirVPN and iVPN are very similar services in the VPN world. Only slight differences distinguish them, and the way those differences balance off of each other could create a preference for some users. iVPN allows SSH and SSL tunneling, which allows a little more movement into some geographic regions, and here China comes to mind. Neither VPN logs connections, and both adhere to strict privacy policies, so there's no real advantage there. Both have decent speed for high definition streaming on Neflix and Hulu, so there is no clear winner for this critical quality. Both allow the same number of devices to be used on one subscription. So, what separates these two contestants? Not much, really. AirVPN is a little costlier than iVPN, but you get a longer cancellation window.
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Nov. 8, 2018
Why should I go for something complicated? I chose to rely on AirVPN because of its easy sign up process. With just my email address I was minutes away from using their services.
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