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Roman Frolov

Roman Frolov

Technical Writter
Avira Phantom VPN has a small edge over LiquidVPN in this reviewer's opinion. First, Avira is somewhat cheaper, coming in at $6.50 a month compared to LiquidVPN's $7.00 (these are the monthly prices for an annual purchase), sure, it's a nominal amount on a monthly bill, but this is just the start. Avira covers the Mac operating system, while LiquidVPN ignores it. Avira is out of Germany; LiquidVPN is out of the United States. And we all know the United States is not exactly the privacy central these days, so there's that, and that is something. Avira has a kill switch. The competitor, doesn’t. Avira is leak-proof. LiquidVPN boasts no such capability. This reviewer is not saying LiquidVPN is not a good VPN. It is decent, but it's not Avira, and comparing the two is what this review is about. It's Avira between these two.
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