Buffered VPN vs. Goose VPN 2019

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Starting price $8.25 / month $2.99 / month
User Ratings
8.0 / 10
7.0 / 10
7.0 / 10
7.0 / 10
8.0 / 10
7.0 / 10
8.0 / 10
7.0 / 10
6.0 / 10
7.0 / 10
Server Locations
North America 4 countries No
Europe 27 countries No
Asia 8 countries No
Oceania 2 countries No
South America 1 country No
Africa & Middle East 1 country No

Technical Writter
I give Goose VPN a technical knockout over Buffered VPN in the late rounds of the fight. They are both decent offerings, but Goose just offers a little bit more. Goose VPN is based out of the Netherlands, and it retails for a very reasonable $12.99 per month. Buffered VPN comes in at $12.50 per month. Buffered is the preference for large, enterprise operations. It can't be denied that they offer a better solution for larger organizations, but VPN reviews are generally written for the home user. Buffered VPN is based in Hungary. Both European countries offer good privacy, but not the kind of privacy you get out of jurisdictions like Malaysia or Gibralter, however, still decent privacy laws. Both also deploy on Linux, and other operating systems. Curiously, Buffered VPN ignores the device market, iOS and Android. Speeds and encryption reveal no clear leader, but Goose stands out because of its deployment possibilities. There is a huge hole in the product offering of Buffered in that it doesn't go to tablets or phones.
User Reviews
Latest positive review
Awider range of services provided on different devices

Awider range of services ...

Jan. 9, 2019
The 5 star connections allowed me to connect my smartphone, tablet, laptop, and even your gaming console simultaneously without facing any kind of limitations. This was one of the best experiences.
Love it

Love it

Jun. 4, 2019
This VPN is so easy to use. I thought I'd need help installing but it was just easy and I enjoyed the service
Latest negative review
My Ip address safety

My Ip address safety

Oct. 22, 2018
Buffered VPN collects the Ip address used to connect my computer to the internet. This disgusted me very much. I don't like it at all. This is according to some blogs I read.
Payment options.

Payment options.

May 17, 2019
I migrated from a previous VPN due to issues with speed but I had grown used to paying with cryptocurrencies, a payment option that GOOSE VPN does not offer. Regardless however, they do offer the option to pay using a credit/debit card or with your PayPal account.
VPN Plans
Yearly Plan
$8.25 / month
1 Month - 50 GB
$2.99 / month
Bi-Annual Plan
$9.99 / month
1 Month – Unlimited
$12.99 / month
Monthly plan
$12.99 / month
1 Year – Unlimited
$4.99 / month
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