Best Android VPN Services of 2019

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1 tigerVPN

Starting price: $2.75 / MO Money Back 3 Days
Expert Overview
They have servers in 42 countries and are most recommended for countries like United States, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, China, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, Ukraine for the fastest and most feature-rich experience. This VPN service is best suited for Torrenting, Streaming and 88% of user reviews who used tigerVPN are positive.
Android devices are considered highly popular, and much less exclusive than those of their main rival, Apple. Their tablets and phones aren’t nearly as expensive as bagging an iPad or an iPhone. Another benefit of Android devices is that they offer more opportunities for customization. iOS is designed to be linear and doesn’t afford its users a lot of wiggle room. Plus, the main difference in their marketplaces is that Android will allow users to download a lot of what Apple users can’t. P2P sharing apps, for example.

This amount of free reign is a wonderful thing, but it also creates a lot of exposure to malicious content – whether that’s malware, data theft, or anything else you’d be unlucky to experience. We’ve comprised the best VPNs available for Android users right now, and to make sure we offer accurate information, we routinely review these choices.

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