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Customers score for Ivacy VPN

8.0 / 10
7.0 / 10
7.0 / 10
7.0 / 10
8.0 / 10
  • Pricing10
  • Speed9.0
  • Support10
  • Features10
  • Security10

Working pretty great

Plan used: 1 Year
Ivacy is working pretty great and it’s really easy to use. For me, the privacy is really important and that’s why I use a VPN and with Ivacy I feel safe. The speed is good.  I like the fact that they offer 5 simultaneous connections too.
Owen McBride
United States
  • Pricing10
  • Speed8.0
  • Support8.0
  • Features8.0
  • Security10

decent service

Plan used: 2 Years
Signed up to watch Netflix while traveling Europe this summer and I wasn't disappointed! Smooth streaming, no connectivity issues and they got this sweet deal of $85 for 5 years!
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Ivacy VPN Expert Review

9 / 10
9 / 10
9 / 10
9 / 10
8 / 10
9 / 10

What is Ivacy VPN?

Just like any other Virtual Private Network (VPN), Ivacy offers you the opportunity to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet, while guaranteeing complete freedom and protection. Just like a firewall protects your data on your computer, Ivacy VPN provides total coverage of everything you do online.
Founded back in 2007, and now based in Singapore, this company covers all the basic features of a VPN service and much more. It offers a pleasant user experience, making this the strongest point of their service.
At first glance, one of the most prominent features they offer is the ability to customize how and why you connect to a VPN. Additionally, they deliver excellent pricing and perfect security.
Ivacy is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, smart TVs etc., however, the only downside to this is that it doesn’t offer a free plan. While it’s not bad, the usage of this VPN can sometimes be slow.

Is My Privacy Protected with Ivacy VPN?

On their website, you can find all the information you need, starting with what type of security they offer and how they deliver it. As stated there “Ivacy believes in complete privacy”, meaning that no matter what you do, no browsing logs are kept, which is ideal. They won’t know anything about the websites you visited, what you downloaded, or which software you used. You only provide your e-mail address, meaning that any data sharing with authorities would be impossible. The only thing that is kept are the login attempts to the server. Profiles that are not active for a year are automatically deactivated, and they won’t keep your credit card number.
The whole point behind VPN services is their anonymity, and any failed attempts to provide this means that the company isn’t worth your while. People have the right to keep whatever they do private, but this is quite difficult to do on the Internet. This is where a VPN service comes in handy. Regardless of the price or additional features, make it a priority to find a service that provides the best security options for you.
One of my priorities when using a VPN is whether or not they offer a “kill switch”. In case your VPN connection somehow disconnects, with the “kill switch”, your real IP address won’t be exposed. Fortunately, Ivacy has this option. The VPN service also offers identity theft protection, public Wi-Fi security, data encryption, IPv6 Leak Protection, etc.
Also, what I noticed was that Ivacy VPN offers decent coverage, with over 400 servers in more than 100 locations, which is one of the reasons people use a Virtual Private Network. With this you can easily Geo-spoof your location, meaning you can conceal your true location and access the Internet as if you were abroad.

How Much is Ivacy VPN? Is There a Free Trial?

I was surprised when I saw the prices. Ivacy has fair pricing plans, considering all of the features they offer. However, if you want to try their services before reaching a final decision, unfortunately, they don’t have a free trial, but there is a 7-day refund policy, with some restrictions.
Nevertheless, the prices are relatively low, starting at $9.95 per month. However, if you decide to get their services for half a year you will receive a discount, meaning you will only pay $6 per month, or $36 in total. On the other hand, if you pay for 2 years in advance, you will get an even bigger discount, only $2.04 per month, or one dollar per month for their 5 years offer.
In my opinion, this is decent pricing, especially because the deal includes simultaneous logins from 5 devices. Compared to one of the leading companies in the business such as NordVPN, Ivacy offers a cheaper monthly subscription and a tad cheaper long-term offer. However, the disadvantage is still the lack of a free trial that makes it less price competitive.
Paying is relatively easy and you can choose the best option for you, even Bitcoin.

Ivacy VPN Speed Test

Some of the reviews mention speed problems, although I haven’t faced this problem yet. Their servers reach a speed of up to 1Gbps, however, this depends largely on your location and ISP. Some servers will give you different speeds, and you can use the “personalized tab” to select a faster server.
It’s well-known that VPN servers slow down the Internet connection, depending on the providers and servers you use. This rule applies to Ivacy as well, but the difference is not that noticeable. When using it, the VPN showed a slight change in the download and upload speed, but it wasn’t something radical, therefore I wouldn’t list this as necessarily a bad thing.
On some of the servers P2P file-sharing is blocked, however, if you want to use this service you can simply connect to some of the servers where it’s allowed. P2P speed is excellent and anonymous, ensuring that your downloads or uploads won’t suffer. Besides, Ivacy VPN uses AES 256-bit encryption making your experience extremely safe.

How is Customer Service at Ivacy VPN?

If you are having problems with your service, or have any questions, Ivacy provides you with a few ways of communication. You can contact them by email, a ticketing system or via live chat. They offer a 24/7 hour service and support, and while this is all sorted out nicely on their page, I couldn’t seem to find a telephone number, or anything other than the option to directly send an email.
Nevertheless, having said this, their team knows how to do their job, and the service they provide is very decent.
You can easily find the basic contact information about the company on their page.


Back to the most important part when searching for a VPN service that fits your needs - the features.
Some of these things were previously mentioned, but it’s necessary to know the whole overview of this VPN, especially if you are thinking about using it.
Ivacy offers up to 5 simultaneous connections after paying one of the offered options. It’s not bad if you are an individual or a small business owner. Moreover, they offer good coverage with over 400 servers and more than 100 locations throughout the Globe.
Despite a variety of features, it’s extremely easy to sign up and use. The simplicity sets this VPN apart from the rest. You can also easily switch servers, by simply going to the dashboard and selecting the country you want to connect to.

The first and most obvious thing that you will encounter after singing in will be the graph that shows data traffic speed, which for me is a great option.
Ivacy offers a split tunneling tool, granting you the possibility to add applications to your split tunneling list, meaning that whatever applications are added on this list will be the only ones that are running along the VPN network. This way you can avoid unnecessary speed loss. In fact, less than a decade ago, it was Ivacy’s technology team that was responsible for creating the revolutionary concept of split tunneling.
You also get a secure DNS add-on that prevents DNS leaks, an Internet kill switch, multiple protocols such as PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and IKEv2, r 256-bit encryption, unlimited data transfer etc. Ivacy VPN provides you with browser add-ons, and the desktop version is easy to use.

All of their features are listed and explained on their page, which is extremely easy to access.

Is Ivacy VPN Safe?

Security wise, Ivacy offers a couple of protocols, such as PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN. The network supports all encryption levels from no encryption up to the highest AES 256. You can choose your level of safety by customizing your traffic.
A frequent concern when using a VPN are the DNS leaks. They occur when your Windows uses the default DNS servers instead of the DNS service on the VPN provider. However, Ivacy passed the test of security, blocking both DNS and WebRTC leeks. The VPN offers a DNS add-on that offers a secure DNS connection, preventing these leaks. It’s also equipped with IPv6 protection.
I don’t think there is a need to mention the other security benefits that we went over already, so overall Ivacy, in terms of safety, can be rated with a solid A.

Bottom Line

Overall, I am satisfied with Ivacy’s features and the services it provides. To be honest I am even surprised that this VPN Company is a little undervalued. Compared with the big names in this industry, Ivacy has proven to be a decent competitor and holds the potential to stay on the market, or even to become one of the industry’s leaders.
Although some improvements are still required, it’s far from bad. However, what I find discouraging is the political landscape surrounding the company’s headquarters. Singapore sometimes faces censorship issues, and is under a “Five Eyes” jurisdiction. Luckily, Ivacy keeps zero logs, so this should not affect its security.
In conclusion, you get security, all the best features of a VPN, and simplicity, all wrapped up in a decent and affordable offer.

Ivacy VPN Prices, Plans & Features - 2019

2 Years
$ 2.25
per month
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1 Year
$ 3.33
per month
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1 Month
$ 9.95
per month
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