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Conservative countries like Saudi Arabia place a great deal of restriction on their citizens, which extends to their Internet usage. A large amount of what’s readily accessible in most western countries is heavily censored, and certain materials – such as pornography, social media, and messaging apps like WhatsApp – will put you in the crosshairs of a thorough, well-oiled monitoring machine. It’s one of the many places that don’t abide by the concept of Internet freedom. In fact, their take on what should and shouldn’t be available is considered one of the most censored approaches in the world.

That being said, a good VPN will make you anonymous, and keep you protected. But not just that, it’ll grant you access to all the material that you otherwise couldn’t view – like American Netflix and BBC iPlayer. The best services for use in Saudi Arabia can be found right here on VPNBase, reviewed by our readership and team of VPN experts.

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