Best Streaming VPN Services of 2019

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1 NordVPN

Starting price: $2.99 / MO Money Back 30 Days
Expert Overview
NordVPN is one of the leading VPN service providers in the market today, and the company advertises itself to be the “best VPN for streaming”. Fortunately, the VPN service is able to live up to its claim. Yes, if you’re looking for a VPN for streaming, NordVPN could be the one you need. With its recent dramatic increase in server count, NordVPN now has over 3,300 servers across 60+ countries around the world; hence, its performance has also increased significantly, making it perfect for streaming. From accessing geographically restricted streaming sites to doing so with complete security and anonymity, this VPN does it all.

2 ExpressVPN

Starting price: $8.32 / MO Money Back 30 Days
Expert Overview
ExpressVPN has been operating in the VPN industry for a long time now and the service keeps upgrading its offerings to remain on top. One of the main features that the VPN service is known for is its high speeds for streaming. With more than 1,700 servers located worldwide, the VPN manages to deliver great speeds for streaming, along with unlimited bandwidth. With ExpressVPN, users can download or stream any of their favorite content anywhere around the world, facing no restrictions, and remaining hidden from authorities, ISPs, and other prying eyes.

3 VyprVPN

Starting price: $3.75 / MO Money Back 30 Days
Expert Overview
Founded by Golden Frog, VyprVPN is one of the biggest VPN services in the industry, and the company lives up to its name with its solid features. With a vast network coverage of more than 700 servers across the globe, the VPN service manages to increase streaming speed and performance by bypassing network congestion and other hurdles users are likely to face when trying to access streaming websites. Though it may not be the world’s fastest VPN service, it is a fact that their streaming speeds are extraordinary, and the connections are highly stable with no drop-offs.

4 Fastestvpn

Starting price: $10.00 / MO Money Back 7 Days
Expert Overview
They have servers in 9 countries and are most recommended for countries like United States, Indonesia, China, Russia, United Kingdom for the fastest and most feature-rich experience. This VPN service is best suited for Streaming, Torrenting, Gaming, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and 100% of user reviews who used Fastestvpn are positive.

Streaming is a big part of many Internet users' online experience. There is a growing number of people disconnecting from cable services and getting all their television from the Internet. Content providers like Netflix and Hulu recreate the television experience online for less money than a monthly cable hookup.

So how does a VPN affect streaming? Quite a bit. A bad VPN can slow or fragment your streaming experience. A good VPN is transparent to your streaming experience. You won't even know it's there. So, if streaming is one of the big parts of your online experience, make sure you read our Best Streaming VPN Services and listen to what our reviewers are saying alongside our Expert Overview pieces by industry voices. We're here to guide you through the details. We do the legwork and the reviews and assessments so you can make the best decision based on what you need a VPN to do.

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